Paula Ruiz Iglesias

Hello everyone and welcome to my artistic journey.

About me

I am Paula, a singer born and raised in Madrid (Spain) who has found a home in Vienna (Austria) for the last 12 years.
Even as a child I was hooked on art: dancing, drawing, writing, singing…. At the age of 5 I started taking dance lessons, first in ballet and then in flamenco. But at the age of 9 I discovered my passion for classical music and from then on I knew I wanted to be a musician. While searching for an instrument that might suit me, I discovered the bassoon, an instrument that fascinated me from the beginning. That’s how my musical journey started. The bassoon has accompanied me for 13 years of my life, made me winner of several competitions and scholarships, and was the reason for my move to Vienna, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in bassoon with Michael Werba at the Privat Music University for Music and Arts (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien).

Singing, however, has always been a constant in my life, which I kept very private for a long time. It was something very intimate for me that I only wanted to share with a few people, but the need to express myself and music through my voice grew over the years. That’s why, at the age of 22, I decided to become an opera singer. And so I started a new musical journey. I took singing lessons with Helen Tintes-Schürmann and after with Heidi Brunner. In 2017, I started at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna (Universität für Music und darstellende Kunst) studied with Martina Steffl-Holzbauer and graduated with honours in May 2022.
In the last years I attended several master classes and worked with coaches such as Paul-Émile Fourny, Jochen Schönleber, Clemens Sander, Valérie Guillorit, Julia Koci, Heidi Brunner, Peter Baur, Markus Zugehör, Fernando Turina, Jorge Robaina and Julio Muñoz.

The longer and the more I go into my artistic and personal journey, the more clarity, meaning and purpose I find in what I do, sharing music and living a creative life. Always looking for meaningful and enriching activities where I can express my love and devotion to music, I have found that sharing music with people can happen in many and creative ways, not only through artistic programmes or talks but also simply through living.

I see the process of evolving artistically and as a human being as a lifelong dynamic process of learning and development. Always driven by curiosity and in search of my voice and my own musical language, I began to experiment with my voice and other musical styles such as jazz, latin jazz, flamenco and classical singing. In the last few years I have developed my own projects like “Aires del Sur” and “Les Bohémiennes”. And most recently, I founded the “Duo Aletheia” for voice and piano.

All in all, I am still always looking for new ways to express my inner world and voice through different artistic projects, using music as a universal language and my voice as a medium to connect and to share music.

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